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Managed Security Sevices for SMB's, Startups, and Supply Chains. Please review the information provided to understand the importance of addressing your frontline liability.

Cyber Attack Protection System:

  • Cloud SaaS Security Management (CSM)

  • Threat Vulnerability Management (TVM)

  • Email Security Management (ESM)

  • Secure Endpoint Management (SEM)

  • Managed Security Awarness & Training (SAT)

  • Muliti-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Incident Response Management (IRM)

  • IT Asset Management (ITAM)

  • And More!

Be prepared when cybercriminals attack.

It's easy, affordable and effective.

Cyberattacks are growing against small to medium-sized business targets. Without an effective prevention solution, pain points for SMB's are amplified.

How we help protect your business
For a small monthly fee, Cyber Attack Protection Plan assists your business in these areas and more.

Cyber Vulnerability Alerts

We proactively scan your network to let you know where your business is exposed.

Device Protection


Includes 24/7/356 Security Operations Center Monitoring.

Live Cyber Support

Certified cyber professionals and cyber tech support

Cyber Security Policies


Our certified cyber security professionals will create and update your cyber policy documents

Solutions to Protect Assets, Reputations & Your Bottom Line

In a world that’s always connected and with the unprecedented wave of cyber-attacks, ransomware, data breaches and more, you must safeguard your organization’s information and network at all times. Our protection is carefully designed to protect your organization with a full suite of services based on the needs of each organization. We don't offer a one size fits all solution for everyone or a consultant that does not implement.


As a MSP, we realize that every client has a unique set of needs, and we work with them to apply the appropriate solution for their organization in the short and long run. In short, we get to know you and your organization and strengthen your stronger cyber posture based on your objectives and needs.

As cybercriminals change their approaches to exploit your organization, our nimble team stays on top of these new vulnerabilities and find innovative solutions to protect you.

  • Do you want to strengthen your cyber posture?

  • Do you need to meet a cyber compliance requirement?

  • Do you need to meet cyber requirements for suppliers, insurance, clients, or a prospective client requirement?

  • Call us, we can help!


We protects thousands of organizations just like yours. Get the peace of mind in knowing you have the services, protection and specialists to help you avoid cyber-attacks and the assistance to recover quickly should you ever experience a cyber-attack.

Manage and secure your growing SMB, all in one place.
Behind every great SMB is a smart strategy – scale your business securely with a strong cybersecurity program in place to reduce risk, build trust, and fast-track compliance.

Flexible pricing. All-inclusive.
Our cybersecurity subscriptions are all-inclusive. You get all the necessary components for robust security bundled into one monthly cost.

(Not a product of LegalShield)

"Your Frontline Solution That Addresses Your Liability to be in Compliance"

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